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Optimized Nutritional Diet Plan


Nutrient Intake

Many soils are depleted of key nutrients and those that do exist are much lower than a generation ago. Even a healthy diet may not provide you with enough nutrients.

Processed Foods

These foods have a very low nutritional value, known as empty calories/carbs. They actually create a deficit of key nutrients that are very necessary for the body.


We like convenience in foods but it comes at a cost—the convenient options often have very low nutritional value and large amounts of hidden sodium, fats, and sugar.


Today's lifestyles of high stress deplete the body of many nutrients and when combined with other factors leave many people malnourished of micro nutrients.

That’s why we have designed


that is UNIQUE to each individual

The plan comes packed with
Mind-Body Detox, 10-Key Optimization Areas in your body, 12-Key Support Indicators,
a 6-Step Optimization Plan, Food Adjustments you need to make,
Food Additives you need to avoid and right Foods to Eat.

How It Works

Before we see how optimized nutrition works, let’s first understand this.

healing temple faucet

This is a faucet that looks extremely beautiful to the eyes. But what good is it if its rusted from the inside? You will never achieve the desired pressure of water flow unless you clean all the choke points and rust from the inside. Your body is more or less like this this beautiful faucet. You try to make every effort to make your body presentable to the world outside. You go to gym, go on diets, try to eat healthy. But remember, your body is aging every minute. And unless you clean all the choke points in time, one day it will break down. That’s when problems start to show up in forms of different ailments like high cholesterol, diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, heart blockages, joint pains etc.

So every time you eat anything, be it homemade or outside food or any type of processed food, the body takes up whatever is required from it and the rest is discarded. This discarded material is thrown out from the body in different forms but sometimes some part is left behind in the body and this residual matter can keep accumulating anywhere in the body. And when the break point is reached, that particular area where this residue has been deposited over the years starts to show symptoms of failure. This is where an optimized nutrition diet comes into picture.

An optimized nutrition powered with body detox is what you need in today’s fast paced lives. Its never too late to detox and adapt to an optimized nutrition diet.

Now that you have understood the importance of cleaning the body from inside, we have put below how our


works to add those Extra Healthy Years to your life in only 30-Days.


Our unique test identifies all the problem areas in the body.

We could consider our Gut system as a life supporting garden. The garden is full of both good and bad vegetation. Our performance relies on optimizing and balancing the gardens good vegetation and control of the unwanted over growth. The good vegetation consists of the trillions of good microbial bacteria, which assists in breaking down and converting the foods we consume.

Poor Circulation reduces the ability of your body to transport nutrients and oxygen to where they are needed. You can support your circulation with good nutrition and some simple exercise and lifestyle choices outlined by us. Circulation can be supported by many nutrients and it’s important to get this balance daily.

Many processes in the body require a variety of vitamins in order to function at their optimum level. Vitamins are a key part in the enzyme processes, which are the drivers behind all of the body’s metabolic processes. You need a wide variety of vitamins to help support and maintain the myriad of underlying mechanisms, which will in turn support optimized wellness. The best source of vitamins you can get is from the foods you eat, where the vitamins are present with other nutrients which work synergistically to support your wellness.

Many processes and structures in the body require minerals in order to function at their optimum level. Minerals are a key part in the enzyme processes which are the drivers behind all of the body’s metabolic processes. They also play a role in structure, muscle action and nerve transmission. You need a wide variety of minerals to help support and maintain the myriad of underlying mechanisms which will in turn support optimized Wellness.

Many processes in the body require EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) in order to function at their optimum level. EFAs are a key part in supporting the cell membranes and brain and nervous system of the body. Other regulatory processes require EFAs and they have protective qualities. You need a wide daily intake of EFAs to help support and maintain the myriad of underlying mechanisms which will in turn support optimized Wellness.

Our body produces a lot of free oxygen molecules and other by-products, which can lead to oxidative stress. Anti-oxidants are a key part in the processes which supports the body to deal with these issues. You need a wide variety of antioxidants to help support your body to deal with oxidation and which will in turn support optimized Wellness.

Many processes in the body are supported by amino acids in order to function at their optimum level. Amino acids are a key part in the enzyme processes and the protein building which the body needs for everyday maintenance. You need a wide variety of amino acids to help support and maintain the myriad of underlying mechanisms which will in turn support optimized Wellness.

As of yet, we do not fully understand the effects that our modern electrical environments are having on our wellness processes. However, it is clear that there is some effect and that it would be wise to start introducing foods which can help support the body and maintain systems which may come under pressure from the electrical appliances which we use on a daily basis both at home and work. Structured water may support cellular communication and help conserve energy in the system.

The body has systems which are designed to help it cleanse itself of accumulated waste. Certain foods can support the systems which carry out this function and ensure that they do not get over burdened. You have organs and systems which can assist with your help. You need a wide variety of foods to help support and maintain the myriad of underlying cleansing mechanisms which will in turn support optimized Wellness.

Your body has an entire system dedicated to naturally resisting outside invaders and providing good protection to your cells and organs. This system requires a good overall and balanced nutritional intake to support it and help maintain all aspects of defense. There are other certain foods which can actively boost the system and help the body produce more elements which can resist invaders.

There are many different levels at which foods can effect a person from the severe to the very mild but all have the ability to affect the wellness processes. There are foods which you could be eating which show NO physical signs and symptoms of being a problem but which are not supporting the body’s needs as they take up more energy to digest than the body gets in return. This puts pressure on the entire system and these foods are best restricted in the short term and up to 90-days.

The best choices will always lead to optimized wellness and natural, unprocessed, home cooked food will always be best. Therefore, the proper understanding of how food additives affect wellness is crucial in reaching your wellness goals.

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The Mind & Body goes through a complete Detoxification process

Helpful for the deep negative patterns in Psyche and bad, damaging, obstructive past life memories. Certain experiences in life are forgotten by us, but not by our body or by our psyche. They remain deeply buried, altering our perception of life. Some get very deeply rooted unknowingly. These affect our nervous system functioning. Either we become oversensitive or even insensitive to certain issues in life. This remedy will help to detox the nervous system and restore its harmony.

Without emotions there is no life. Positive emotions help. Negative emotions limit us in life. Many toxic emotions get locked in our system, in emotional body as well as physical body. They work like hidden programs, waiting to get activated at the right time and with the right stimulus. Once emotional harmony is restored, even breathing improves further. It becomes deep, energizing and relaxing. It is believed that suppressed, unhealthy emotions may lead to development of cancer.

Stomach, intestine and liver help us digest and eliminate what the body does not require. Often there is a problem here as some toxins from food get stuck in our system, disturbing its full function. This system function is improved with this remedy by detoxifying.

Circulation and elimination are carried out at this level. Detoxification of blood is very important part of any detox program. So also, releasing kidneys from toxic overload. This remedy restores harmony at this level.

Bone is a big storehouse of activity. New blood is made here. If they are loaded with toxins, new blood quality is affected. Also, supporting body by strong bones is affected. This remedy helps improving bone function.

Excessive fat deposition in body may be a requirement of body to hide or lock toxins in body, thus preventing it from getting released into body fluids. This way, weight remains high. Many kinds of weight loss programs fail because, the toxins in fat tissue are not sorted out. Therefore, this remedy is also useful in obesity.

Muscles are the final destination of many toxins, weakening our body movements, causing aches, pains, stiffness and tired feeling. It is important to pay attention to also muscles for detoxification.


Our Unique 6-Step Optimized Nutrition Diet Plan

The first and easiest step to optimizing diet is to restrict foods which might be causing stress to your body’s digestive or immune system. Dealing with some foods can drain the body’s energy resources and stop the absorption of nutrients which are crucial to enzyme and metabolic function. So in our Optimized Nutrition diet plan we eliminate all these foods from your diet chart.

The second step of optimized nutrition plan is to avoid Environmental challenges, Interference indicators and food additives, which could be compromising your enzyme function through key nutrient depletion and contributing to poor cellular expression.

Step 3 of the optimized nutrition process is to ensure that you are absorbing enough nutrients from the foods you are eating, in order to fully support all of the enzymes processes in the body. A good quality systemic enzyme can support the breakdown of foods in the stomach so that nutrients can be readily released for the body to process and use. A natural multi-strain probiotic will further assist with the breakdown and absorption of nutrients from the food you eat and ensure that the body’s daily nutritional needs are supported.

The next step for optimized nutrition is to ensure that the quality of your drinking water will support your body’s need for hydration, waste removal and cellular communication. Water containing high levels of toxins (typical tap water) cannot be readily used by the body for its key functions. Ensure that you have a regular source of good quality drinking water and drink 1 to 2 liters daily.

The next step for optimized nutrition is to increase your dietary intake of the foods which will help address the priority and advisory nutritional indicators highlighted in your report. This will help you to meet your body’s nutritional needs and all around enzyme and metabolic functions; thereby supporting your wellness.

The final step of the optimized nutrition diet plan is to support your body to deal with the Environmental Challenges, Resistance and Interference indicators, which could be contributing to poor cellular expression and metabolic function.

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