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Indian Flower Remedies For Emotional Healing

Indian Flower Remedies for Curing Ailments

Indian Flower Remedies is fast becoming the buzzword in complementary medicine. Its safe healing powers and extraordinary ability to bring about a cure that is holistic in nature is creating a revolution of sorts. The popularity of Bach and Indian Flower Remedies reinforces the need for conventional medicine to take a good look at its practice of treating the disease and not the person. India’s mind-boggling reservoir of flora and fauna makes it a veritable paradise for practitioners of Flower Therapy, or even just lovers of nature. Though Indian Flower Remedies are only recently being discovered by the world, flowers had woven their delicate petals into the very fabric of Indian society, its rituals and traditions from time immemorial.

It is told that when Lord Buddha, in the course of a journey fell ill, some Jain priests were able to treat him successfully with nectar served on a lotus petal. The story is an indication of the antiquity of Pushpa Ayurveda (Flower Therapy), which is now gaining attention all over the world. Pushpa Ayurveda is a special branch of Ayurveda which was developed primarily by Jain priests. They were especially attracted to this therapy as it was closer to the Jain principle of ahimsa. Flower Therapy is the modern version of this age-old treatment existed in ancient India.

Healing Emotions With Bach Flower Remedies

Flowers can actually heal a host of emotional problems including grief, shock, depression, fear, panic, terror, hysteria, anxiety, etc. Moreover it also helps in many physical ailments. The first to discover their hidden powers was Dr. Edward Bach, a successful English physician. Dr. Bach discovered the healing energies of these beautiful creations in 1930. His remedies – the world famous Bach’s remedies – are popular even today.

Indian Flower Remedies have the power to heal the mind and body, correct emotional imbalance and soothe the deeply embedded emotional disturbances. The preparation process involves drawing healing energy from flowers. Healin Temple believes in holistic healing, where treating the body goes hand in hand with treating the mind and emotions. The Bach Flower Remedies used by the Healin Temple, are prepared in association with Aum Himalaya Sanjeevani Essences, are unique because utmost care is taken to ensure that, as far as possible, the flowers are not damaged by plucking or crushing them. In fact, precautions are taken so that there is no damage to the ecosystem or environment.

To prepare a flower remedy, mantras are chanted and special prayers are offered to the flowering plant. Then, in the presence of sunlight or moonlight, the pure, healing energies from the flowers are tapped and transferred to water. The process ends with a final thanksgiving prayer. These specially charged waters are the final products – a comforting remedy for many diseases.

Dr. Atul K. Shah and Dr. Rupa A. Shah of the Healin Temple, both allopathic doctors, have done deep research works and have developed Indian flower remedies in the last 35 years. They make their own flower remedies, treat all their patients with this Nirdosh, Ahinsak Pushpa Chikitsa (Flower Therapy).

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Flower energy remedies are simple and universal in their application. Unlike aromatherapy, they are prepared without any damage to the ecosystem. The flower is neither plucked nor crushed.

The flower remedies are prepared by tapping into the natural vibrations and core etheric energy of flowers. There are no known side effects; hence they can be used by people of all ages. Flower Remedies can also be used as a complementary treatment with other therapies like Acupressure, Reiki, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy, Allopathy, etc to help a patient regain health. Flower therapists and healers across the globe are researching the curative properties of Bach flower remedies.

Flower remedies are not tested on animals neither it contains any animal products. In fact, not a single flower is destroyed in the process of actually making remedies. It is in the form of oral tablets or liquids or local application of gel. We never use gelatin based capsules or tablets which is made from bones.

India, with its vast reservoir of flora is a veritable paradise for practitioners of Flower Therapy. Indian flower remedies developed by us are now recognized and have found place in five major encyclopedias of flower remedies published in English, Italian and German languages. They are exported under AUM brand to many countries.

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Healin' Temple Indian Flower Remedies

Ixora Flower Essence

Revitalizes and enhances sexual expression. Recommended for those experiencing sex for the first time. Also recommended for couples who wish to bring the spark back in their sexual life.

Bougainvillea Flower Essence

A wonderful meditation aide for anxious minds. This soothing essence helps reach a state of greater emotional and spiritual well-being during meditation.

Ashoka Flower Essence

Recommended for relief from intense grief and disharmony in one’s inner self brought on by personal tragedy, illness or loneliness. Also useful in the treatment of infertility in women.

Neem Flower Essence

Helpful for those who are rigid in their outlook and allow their head to rule at all times over their heart. Enables one to be less judgmental and more open to love, kindness and understanding.

Water Lily Flower Essence

For couples who wish to bring the excitement back in their love life. Helps remove sexual inhibitions and heighten sensuality.

Peacock Flower Essence

Extremely useful in the process of rehabilitation. For drug addicts, trauma victims and those recovering from the effects of a debilitating illness.

Drumstick Flower Essence

Very effective in the treatment of bronchitis. This essence is also for those who wish to give up smoking or resolve inner conflicting emotions.

Lotus Flower Essence

Its especially useful for convalescents & those suffering from complex emotions. A useful meditation aide that calms the mind, soothes turbulent emotions & assists spiritual growth.

Morning Glory Flower Essence

A powerful essence recommended for those battling drug-addiction. Reduces the agony of withdrawal symptoms during the rehabilitation process. Can be used by the addict at any stage of rehabilitation.

Swallow Wart Flower Essence

For those who experience nightmares, panic attacks and restlessness. Helps treat the subconscious mind when it is in a state of agitation, torment and fear. Restores courage and well-being.

Cannon Ball Flower Essence

Useful for women whose deep- rooted fears vis-à-vis sex have lead to frigidity, thus preventing them from conceiving. Helps build a healthier perception of the sexual act.

Golden Rod Flower Essence

Recommended when insecurity drives one to seek attention through negative behavior. Increases self-esteem and helps build a more harmonious relationship with oneself and those around.

Teakwood Flower Essence

A refreshing, vitalizing essence for those over 60. Improves concentration and makes mind more agile. Also useful in the treatment of senile dementia and irrationality.

Curry Leaf Flower Essence

A healing essence for those who suffer from ulcers and hyper-acidity.

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