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Struggling to meet your body's daily CALCIUM requirements?

Learn how to build strong bones and meet daily calcium requirements with the WHAT ABOUT MY CALCIUM book!!!

This book clears up the misconceptions about calcium and also creates awareness that plants are super resources of calcium. We are surrounded by a pandemic of lifestyle-related diseases and bone health is amongst the biggest health concerns to address right away. This is my humble effort to address some of these issues. The solution is to bring about a complete change in our food habits and to choose whole plant based food to not only reverse these diseases, but also to prevent them. You will need to take your own steps towards this lifestyle and this book will be very supportive on your journey. Wish you a very healthy life!

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If you would like move towards a supplement free life and be less pharmaceutical dependent… regardless of what age and type of person you are, this book will be the most important book that you will ever read.

Before I tell you more about it…

Let's Be Clear With One Thing...

This isn’t one of those books that promises diet plans on how you will get calcium with the push of a button.

Here’s the deal.

What you are about to get is the exact line of diet treatment that I use for my patients in treating their calcium deficiency and problems arising from the same. In making this happen, I have easily spent over hundreds of hours in treating patients with calcium deficiency and I’ve documented the entire thing. The thought process, the line of treatment, the diet and the recipes… so that you can instantly use them regardless of what type of person you are.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting

This is going to be very different from anything you have ever read because this is not going to be based on Any fancy recipe taken off the internet.

You’re going to get the actual calcium rich, fully plant-based diet recipes that will not only satisfy your calcium requirements but also organically correct any calcium related disorder.

There’s no fluff or fillers. It goes straight into showing you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.

What you will learn with this Book

You do not need any special culinary skills. The recipes included in this book can be prepared by just anyone. The book shows you how to prepare Calcium rich food in simple and traditional ways so your dish comes out delicious every time. The book has been classified into 10 different sections of recipes so you are never out of ideas on what to cook. The step-by-step recipes shared in this 108 page book are detailed and easy to use. The author, Dr. Rupa Shah has assembled a collection of recipes that will leave both your mind and body nourished!

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This Calcium Book Reveals The Step By Step System On How You Can Organically Satisfy Your Body's Daily Calcium Requirements.

Take a sneak peek inside

In addition to all the best calcium rich recipes, the book includes information and answers on myths about calcium, doubts about calcium, inputs from renowned personalities. Also included is a general reference guide to calcium in foods – Green Leafy Vegetables, Other Vegetables, Pulses, Grains, Fruits, Buts & Seeds, Spices, Dried Herbs and other miscellaneous foods. All of the ingredients listed in the recipes are easily available locally.

Myths About Calcium
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Calcium Book Soups

Who Is This Book For?

Calcium Recipes For Every Moment

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Why Would You Reveal All of Your Best Methods?
What's The Catch...?

What I charge from my patients to make them completely medicine free is Rs.6650 for first consultation and Rs.3000 per consultation there after.

But what if… I am willing to gamble on you?

What if I see the potential in you and what is possible the moment you start integrating these recipes into your life?

Here’s what I’m willing to do.

I will not allow you to pay me the Rs.6650 that this is soooo worth.

I will not even allow you to invest half of that amount.

I will allow you to offset some of my cost and cover some of my expenses.

I’m taking a full Rs.6000 off.


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Here’s how it works.

Read the book. Try the recipes. Feel free to customize it according to your taste.

If in the next 12 months, you become completely healthy as a *direct* result of implementing my methods, on your own integrity, you will write in to my support team and pay me an additional Rs.6000 (That’s what I charge my patients for consultation).

Would you agree that if I could help you reduce to a minimum of your consumption of extra allopathic medicines from doing this, paying me an extra Rs.6000 is fair?

This will not be in writing. There is no contract. No legal gymnastics. No reminder emails. Nothing.

It will all be purely through the honor system.

What Readers Say

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What About My Calcium?

Your Lifetime Dose Of Calcium
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This is a limited offer, but even inside of that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of…

1. We only printed 1,000 copies of the “What About My Calcium” book. Yes, we can order more, but there will be a 4-week lag time. So, if this page is online, it means that we have the books in stock.

2. These new ways of calcium-rich diet recipes will soon be the “gold standards”. It will be a matter of time before every dietician/nutritionist starts using these and charge 1000s of rupees from their clients. As such, by being the first mover on this, it will give you that unfair advantage and help you save those 1000s of rupees.

3. This “honor system” pricing is not going to be around forever. We are selling out fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to its full price. It’s simple supply-and-demand and it’s happening here in real time.

So NOW is the time to lock it in.

Oh, in case you’re wondering...

There Is No Catch

I know of some sites that give a great deal upfront, but they put in some sneaky continuity and bill you every month after.

This isn’t one of them.

There’s no hidden continuity or anything like that.

This is my attempt to deliver great value upfront.

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About Author

Dr. Rupa Shah (MBBS) is trained in western medicine in Mumbai. She developed a keen interest in natural healing therapies about 37 years ago and is treating her patients with the help of bio-energy remedies and healing therapies, flower energy remedies, plant-based diet & lifestyle and other complementary therapies. Today, she is lecturing and treating patients all over the world on this subject.

For those of you who do not know Dr. Rupa Shah, and are reading about her for the first time, here is a quick summary:


  • She has unique insight into the real issues causing many medical symptoms, and heals the real cause.
  • She goes beyond the norms of a regular doctor, and also counsels her patients.
  • She takes on a holistic approach for all her patients, and intuitively prescribes diet modifications & lifestyle changes to better align them towards optimizing their health.
  • She encourages all to gain the powerful healing benefits of plant based diets.
  • She is an MBBS doctor, but NOT limited to allopathic medicines.
  • She has studied homeopathy over the past 30 years also.
  • She conducts a number of healthy cooking workshops, but is NOT a professional chef.
  • She holds seminar about going health and plant based diets.

Claim Your Copy NOW Before They’re All Gone

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in the member’s area!

Wishing you good health.

Dr. Rupa Shah

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This offer is only for people residing in India. International audience wanting to purchase the book can write to us at [email protected]

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